Thursday, April 12, 2012

Weekend family activities

Treasure Hunt - Tap into your inner pirate and plan a treasure hunt.  Depending on the season or weather, this is a great activity for both indoors or outdoors.  Clues can be simple rhymes or you can make them for complicated with photos or puzzles.
Family Camp Out - Make camping a lot less complicated by having one in your backyard!  Families can enjoy the evening with s'mores, star gazing, or some fun night time outside games.  When all the fun is done, families can pitch their tent and settle in for a quiet evening of sleep.

Do a Puzzle - Puzzles can take a lot of time, so weekends are a great time to work one together as a family.  Or to make things really interesting buy two puzzles and have a challenge between the parents and kids as to who can build theirs first!

Fly a Kite - Kite flying can be a great way to get exercise and enjoy fresh air.  It can be a simple as flying one in your backyard or you can add some fun with kite games or by attending a kite flying event in your local area.

Nature Hike - Enjoy the outdoors by exploring your local nature trails.  The hike can be a simple walk or you can add some fun with nature activities and games.

Science Experiments - Science experiments are a great way to spark your curiosity and learn something new.  This is a great indoor activity for rainy or cold weekends.

Spa Night - Spa night is a great mother-daughter activity.  You can make it a simple night of manicures and facials or spice it up with some spa games and activities.

Relay Races - Get the family moving with fun relay race games.  Add some additional fun by challenging friends and neighbors!

Letterboxing - Explore your local community with Letterboxing.  Letterboxing is a game where families follow clues written by others for hidden letterboxes in their community.  A more high tech alternative is Geocaching where you go on the hunt for treasure boxes using your GPS.  This is a great activity for enjoying the outdoors and exploring your community.

Put on a Play - For the theatrical in you, try putting on a family play.  You can use free pre-written playscripts or if you have a writer in the family, try writing your own!

Hold a Mystery Party - For the Sherlock Holmes in your family, try having a mystery party.  You can find great mystery party skits at Dramatic Fanatic.

Host an Backyard Movie Night - Enjoy the evening as a family or with friends with a backyard movie night.  Families can hang a sheet and use their DVD player to host these fun movie nights that kids will never forget.

Write Your Family Mission Statement - Get clear on who you are with a family mission statement.  This quiet thought provoking activity helps families gain clarity on their values, goals, and future.   This is a great way to build family cohesiveness and communication.

Volunteer - Help others and feel better about yourselves by volunteering your time during the weekend.
Go Roller Skating - Hunt down your local roller skating rink and give good old fashioned roller skating a try!

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