Thursday, April 12, 2012

Family reading night

Family Reading Night Ideas

Reading is a great way to spend quality family time together and is something that can be done in 15 minutes! 

Reading together as a family not only helps children academically, but also provides a special quiet way for children and parents to bond.  It is a simple ritual that can bring lasting memories.

If your child is old enough, start a reading journal.  This is a great way to encourage kids to read and learn to express themselves through writing. 

If your child is old enough to read, take turns reading to one another.

If the child is reading a book for school, read the book yourself and discuss during your family meals. 
Form a family book club.  Choose a book that you and your child would enjoy reading and invite other families to do the same.  You can then organize club meetings to discuss the book! 

You and your children have common interests? Then pick a book on the topic and just read.

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