Thursday, March 28, 2013

Peep experiment

The Baking Soda & Vinegar Peep Experiment


The Peep Experiments are in full swing & we are having fun coming up with ways to torture experiment on these hapless little marshmallow bunnies and chicks.
After our heated/microwave experiment we decided to experiment with some fizzy, bubble fun and see what effect baking soda and vinegar would have on our Peeps.
Here's What We Were Armed With:
Baking Soda
Bunny Peeps (yellow)

I used a cake baking dish to contain the fizz/bubbling and it worked well.
I did use a large tray underneath just in case but we didn't need it.
I set up a cup with baking powder and 1 cup with vinegar and the Lil Divas were free to sprinkle and pour as they wanted. As you san see, their motto is "more is better!" :)

After lots and lots of baking soda and vinegar the Bunny Peeps were left pretty much intact. The only thing the Lil Divas noted was that the colorless vinegar had turned yellow. So, we know some color came off the Peeps but they looked pretty good. 

Then, the Oldest Diva asked if she could have some food coloring. I know she was thinking of our fun baking soda & vinegar experiment where I surprised them by adding some hidden food coloring.

The Lil Divas added food coloring directly onto the Bunny Peeps and then added in the baking soda and vinegar. It was a color explosion which was lots of fun to watch. She repeated it a few times and then I asked her to look over the bunny and see if it had been affected.  
The Bunny Peeps had some hints of food color here and there but you can see they were still pretty yellow. They felt squishy to the touch but were still pretty solid. 

Below, you can see a comparison of an unexperimented on Peep with some from the experiment. Not much of a difference in size or appearance considering the onslaught of baking soda, vinegar and food coloring. Resilient little bunnies! Not sure I can ever look at these guys the same anymore.  After seeing how resilient how they are, I just keep imaging them sitting in the Lil Divas bellies. :) 
This experiment gave me the idea for peep experiment #3 coming tomorrow. What will it take to actually dissolve a Peep? Join us tomorrow to see what we found out.

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