Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cleaning with shaving cream

Cleaning with Shaving Cream

Our poor IKEA art trays were in need of a major cleaning.  They were covered with paint, glue, glitter, markers and most any other art medium you can think of.  I have the cleaning bug, which does not visit our house often so I am taking full advantage of it!  You are going to love this simple Cleaning with  Shaving Cream trick.
A while ago, my sister-in-law taught me this simple trick.  Shaving cream is a fun medium to play with.  It is a great sensory medium, plus it has the added bonus of cleaning power.  Love that!
The kiddos had fun smearing, building towers and drawing pictures.  I thought about making some cute marbled artwork, but we will save that for another day since the main goal today was to clean.
We used a can of shaving cream that has been in the back of our cupboard for a long time.  However, if I was purchasing a new can I would buy a sent free variety.  The smell can be quiet strong.  Annika asked me if it was OK that she smelled like Grandpa Bruce.  So funny!
The kids enjoyed playing numerous games of tic-tac-toe.  The loved “erasing” each game.
Once they tired of drawing, I gave the kiddos some scrub brushes to get the last of the grime off the trays.  It worked like a charm.  With a simple rinse, the trays are now perfectly clean and ready for the next creative project.

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