Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun Indoor Activites for the Whole family

An Upside Down Evening

Photograph by Ronnie Andren From FamilyFun Magazine

An Upside-down Evening - Image Collection 
Turn an ordinary night on its head with topsy-turvy ideas for dress-up, dining, and more!

Funny Photo Shoot

For family pics with a twist, don dressup clothes upside down: try putting legs into sleeves or wearing hats brim-side up. Safety pins come in handy for securing your cockeyed outfits in place. Snap photos for posterity. Standing on your head and making silly faces should be encouraged! 
 Dine Down Under
Spread a tablecloth on the floor (and a clean rug atop the table) and invite adventurous diners to get a whole new perspective on mealtime. Be sure to hang a sign. Have small stickers or lapel pins on hand; they can be worn upside down as a badge of honor by any diner who bumps her head.

Try Cupcake Turnovers
Some treats taste terrific no matter which way is up! Bake a batch of your favorite cupcakes. Have everyone pour sprinkles onto 3-inch squares of waxed paper, spread circles of frosting on each square, and plop overturned cupcakes onto the frosting.

Flip Your Food (and Drinks!)
A deliciously disorienting meal can be whipped up with minimum fuss. Simply turn frozen potpies, prepared according to the package's directions, out onto a plate and discard their foil tins. Top (or bottom?) them with a parsley garnish, if you like. Serve the upended pies with an inverted beverage, made by cutting a triangular hole in the bottle's bottom with a small knife (an adult's job), then inserting a drinking straw.

Play in Reverse
For after-dinner entertainment, play a board game beginning from the finish line and working back to the start. Chutes and Ladders is a great choice for this activity; zooming backward up the slides is twice as much fun as scooting down!

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